Yashpal Sharma
Actor | Director | Producer
Yashpal Sharma
Actor | Director | Producer
We invested blood and sweat in making Dada Lakhmi, says Yashpal Sharma
Yashpal Sharma: I love to do films on social issues
20 Years of Lagaan: Yashpal Sharma recalls being the 'first match fixer' of India
Yashpal Sharma Remembers His 'Friend, Guide And Mentor' Anupam Shyam: He Loved to Tell Stories
Om Puri Memorial “Common Man In Cinema Award” for actor Yashpal Sharma
I am overwhelmed every time I am in Varanasi: Yashpal Sharma
Yashpal Sharma made headlines by working in Lagaan movie
जंजैहली में शूटिंग: बॉलीवुड अभिनेता यशपाल शर्मा ने लिया पहाड़ी व्यंजनों का स्वाद
First of Many: Yashpal Sharma revisits Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa
Yashpal Sharma recalls the time when he used to earn Rs 18 a day
Poverty, Struggle & Responsibilities, Nothing Could Keep Yashpal Sharma From His One True Love: Acting
Lagaan actor Yashpal Sharma was ready to play Lakha for ₹20,000 but got paid ₹2 lakh instead
इस अभिनेता ने बनाई बॉलीवुड और मुंबई से दूरी, वजह बेहद खास
Yashpal Sharma takes on corruption in his next film 'Das Capital'
Can You Guess The Famous Actors In This PIC? Hint: They Are From 1994 NSD Batch
Yashpal Sharma starrer Van Rakshak, which releases today, is based on a true incident
Yashpal Sharma is making a sequel to his directorial debut film Dada Lakhmi
Regional cinema and theatre make me feel alive, says actor Yashpal Sharma

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